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Why create an account with SOAP? Creating an account gives you access to high quality betting picks intended to give you +EV bets. Expected value (EV) in sports betting is a way to measure the probability gap between a bettor’s expectations and the sportsbook’s. So using a variety of data, you're given picks for every game from the suppoerted leagues which give you the best opportunities to win. An example pick can be seen on the left, and includes the odds of a given team to win, as well as over predictions for given values. Currently supported are MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA, and the rest of the sports listed above will be available during the season.


Now when creating a SOAP Pro account you get access to soccer betting predictions for Europe's top 5 leagues, as well as the MLS. These predictions are based on a variety of data, and are intended to give you +EV bets. As seen in the image, soccer predictions include the odds for both teams to win, over predictions, score predictions, and more!


In the latest update, we've added a search by date function to load events from any date. To search, click the calendar icon, select a day, and then click the search icon to load events from that date. Also, you can click on any game to see either an event preview, or an event recap, an example can be seen in the image.